Top 4 Ways To Mount Your Neon LED Sign

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How to Mount Your Neon LED Sign Like a Pro

Congratulations on your new neon LED sign! Before you get too caught up in the excitement, it's essential to learn how to mount it correctly. Here, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring your neon sign adds beauty and warmth to your space. Read on to discover the top four ways to install your neon sign.

Things to Know Before Hanging Neon LED Signs

Before you start hanging your neon sign, there are a few crucial things to consider:

Type of Your Neon LED Sign

Neon signs come in three types: free-standing, wall-mounted, and overhead neon LED signs. Each type has a specific way of mounting, and their backboard designs influence the procedure.

The Right Place for Your Neon LED Sign

Consider whether your neon LED sign is for business or home use. Choose a visible space from different angles for the best impact. For businesses, strategic placement in areas like a bar or reception can attract attention. For homes, consider spaces like a home gym, game room, kitchen, or dining room.


Mount your neon sign a few meters above the floor, ensuring it doesn't reach the ceiling for easy cleaning and maintenance.

How to Hang Your Neon LED Sign Like a Professional

There are four different ways to hang neon LED signs:

1. Hang Neon LED Sign Using a 3M Strip

Materials needed:

  • Neon sign
  • Hanging strip


  1. Clean the wall with water where the hanging strips will be placed.
  2. Tear the hanging strip and press them together.
  3. Stick one liner to the back of the acrylic backboard.
  4. Press the neon LED sign against the wall for 30 seconds and then remove it.
  5. Firmly press the strip against the wall and hold for an hour.
  6. Adjust the sign as needed.

2. Hang Neon LED Signs Using Hanging Wires

Materials needed:

  • Wires
  • Knot
  • Carabiner


  1. Fasten the knot to the wires.
  2. Use the knot to fasten the carabiner.
  3. Put the carabiner through the hole in the board.
  4. Hang your new sign the way you like.

3. Mounting Neon LED Signs Using Screws

Materials needed:

  • Wall anchor
  • Screw
  • Cushion
  • Crew cup
  • Hollow base


  1. Mark the spots on the wall through the holes on the acrylic board.
  2. Drill holes at each marked spot.
  3. Fix the wall anchor into the holes.
  4. Put the screw through the hollow base and drill it into the wall anchor.
  5. Use the hollow base.
  6. Plug in and enjoy your new neon LED sign.

4. Place Neon LED Signs on Table by a Stand

Materials needed:

  • Neon light
  • Bracket
  • Card slot


  1. Fasten the card slot to the bracket.
  2. Fasten the neon light to the bracket and the card slot.
  3. Test the sign.
  4. Adjust the neon sign and use it anywhere.

Final Thoughts

You've just become a professional at mounting neon LED signs! Whenever you hang another neon LED sign, remember to consider the type of sign, the right place, and the height. Whether you use a 3M strip, hanging wires, or screws, or choose to place it on a table with a stand, your neon light will make your space beautiful and attractive. Enjoy!

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