Top 4 Ways To Mount Your Neon LED Sign

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Before Hanging Neon LED Signs:

Type of Your Neon LED Sign: Consider whether it's free-standing, wall-mounted, or overhead, as each type has specific mounting requirements.
Placement: Determine if it's for business or home use and choose a visible space for the best impact.
Height: Mount your neon sign a few meters above the floor for easy cleaning and maintenance.

How to Hang Your Neon LED Sign Like a Pro:

Using a 3M Strip:

  1. Clean the wall.
  2. Tear and press the hanging strip together.
  3. Attach one liner to the back of the acrylic backboard.
  4. Press the neon LED sign against the wall for 30 seconds.
  5. Firmly press the strip against the wall and hold for an hour.
  6. Adjust the sign as needed.

Using Hanging Wires:

  1. Fasten the knot to the wires.
  2. Use the knot to fasten the carabiner.
  3. Put the carabiner through the hole in the board.
  4. Hang your new sign as desired.

Mounting Using Screws:

  1. Mark spots on the wall through the holes on the acrylic board.
  2. Drill holes at each marked spot.
  3. Fix the wall anchor into the holes.
  4. Insert the screw through the hollow base and drill it into the wall anchor.
  5. Use the hollow base to cover the screw.
  6. Plug in and enjoy your neon LED sign.

Placing Neon LED Signs on a Table with a Stand:

  1. Fasten the card slot to the bracket.
  2. Attach the neon light to the bracket and the card slot.
  3. Test the sign.
  4. Adjust and use it anywhere on the table.

Final Thoughts: Congratulations on becoming a pro at mounting neon LED signs! Whether using a 3M strip, hanging wires, screws, or placing it on a table with a stand, your neon light will enhance your space beautifully. Enjoy the ambiance it brings!

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