Aha Neon Signs for Teenagers' Bedrooms

LED Neon Lights for College Dorm Rooms.

Transform your living space with our impressive light signs! Whether you're looking to elevate your dorm room, gaming setup, or bedroom, we've got you covered with our amazing selection. And for those seeking something truly one-of-a-kind, take a peek at our custom dorm signs and bedroom wall art options. With Aha Neon, you can create a personalized sign that perfectly reflects your style and personality.


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124 products

Smiley Face Neon Ligjht SignSmiley Face Neon Ligjht Sign - 2
Smiley Face Neon Ligjht Sign Sale priceFrom $140.00
Wings Neon Wall Art - 1Wings Neon Wall Art - 2
Wings Neon Wall Art Sale price$293.00
<img src="Hellogorgeous-1.jpg" alt="Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign -1"/><img src="Hellogorgeous-2.jpg" alt="Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign -2"/>
Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $160.00
<img src='pic.jpg' alt=To The Moon Neon Wedding Sign1.' /><img src='pic.jpg' alt=To The Moon Neon Wedding Sign2.' />
To the Moon and Back Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $280.00
Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign - 2Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign - 1
Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $196.00
<img src="Dolphin-Neon-Sign.jpg" alt="Dolphin Neon Sign Blue"/>
Dolphin Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $142.00
Custom Name Neon Sign - 1Custom Name Neon Sign - 6
Custom Name Neon Sign Sale price$0.00
<img src="neonsigndonotoverthinkshit01.jpg" alt="Don't over think shit Neon Light -1"/><img src="neonsigndonotoverthinkshit02.jpg" alt="Don't over think shit Neon Light -2"/>
Don't over think shit Neon Light Sale priceFrom $180.00
Weed Neon Sign - 2Weed Neon Sign - 3
Weed Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $130.00
SpongeBob Neon Sign - 1SpongeBob Neon Sign - 2
SpongeBob Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $220.00
<img src="neonsigneagle01.jpg" alt="Eagle Neon Sign -1"/><img src="neonsigneagle02.jpg" alt="Eagle Neon Sign -2"/>
Eagle Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $145.00
<img src="neonsigndrippinglips01.jpg" alt="Dripping Nike Neon Light Pink"/><img src="neonsigndrippinglips02.jpg" alt="Dripping Nike Neon Light Blue"/>
Dripping Lips Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $148.00
Naturo Neon Wall Art - RedNaturo Neon Wall Art - Pink
Naturo Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $240.00
Sunflower Neon Wall Art
Sunflower Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $200.00
Rose Neon Sign - 1Rose Neon Sign - 2
Rose Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $144.00
<img src="neonsignhowdy.jpg" alt="Howdy Neon Sign White"/>
Howdy Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Planet Neon Sign
Planet Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $164.00
Cheers to Love Neon Sign - Hot PinkCheers to Love Neon Sign - Warm White
Cheers to Love Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $203.00
Zero Two Neon Cartoon Sign - Hot PinkZero Two Neon Cartoon Sign - Blue
Zero Two Neon Cartoon Sign Sale priceFrom $330.00
<img src="neonbedroomsignhanger01.jpg" alt="Hanger Neon Bedroom Sign -1"/><img src="neonbedroomsignhanger04.jpg" alt="Hanger Neon Bedroom Sign -4"/>
Hanger Neon Bedroom Sign Sale price$138.00
Lightning Bolt Neon Light - BlueLightning Bolt Neon Light - Pink
Lightning Bolt Neon Light Sale price$98.00
Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign - 1Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign - 2
Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $132.00
<img src="neonsignevileye01.jpg" alt="Evil Eye Neon Sign Ice Blue"/><img src="neonsignevileye02.jpg" alt="Evil Eye Neon Sign Green"/>
Evil Eye Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $176.00
Sneakers Neon Sign - Ice BlueSneakers Neon Sign - Hot Pink
Sneakers Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $194.00
Angel Demon Neon Light - 1Angel Demon Neon Light - 2
Angel Demon Neon Light Sale priceFrom $160.00
Mermaid Neon Sign
Mermaid Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $294.00
<img src="neonsignhummingbird.jpg" alt="Hummingbird LED Light Sign"/>
Hummingbird LED Light Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Angel Neon Wall Art
Angel Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $208.00
Killer Whale Neon Sign - 1Killer Whale Neon Sign - 2
Killer Whale Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $194.00
Squid Neon Sign - RedSquid Neon Sign - Blue
Squid Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $364.00
Longhorn Bull Neon Light - Ice BlueLonghorn Bull Neon Light - Red
Longhorn Bull Neon Light Sale priceFrom $192.00
Jumping Horse Neon Light - Gold YellowJumping Horse Neon Light - Purple
Jumping Horse Neon Light Sale priceFrom $242.00
Rodeo Neon Sign - 1Rodeo Neon Sign - 2
Rodeo Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $310.00
Car Neon Light - 1Car Neon Light - 2
Car Neon Light Sale priceFrom $230.00
Motorcycle Neon Light - 1Motorcycle Neon Light - 2
Motorcycle Neon Light Sale priceFrom $260.00
Cinnamoroll Neon Light
Cinnamoroll Neon Light Sale priceFrom $248.00
Spiderman Neon Sign - 1Spiderman Neon Sign - 2
Spiderman Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $268.00
Kirby Neon Wall Art - 1Kirby Neon Wall Art - 2
Kirby Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $118.00
Keith Haring Love Neon Wall Art - 1Keith Haring Love Neon Wall Art - 2
Keith Haring Love Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $240.00
Umbreon Neon Sign
Umbreon Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $330.00
<img src="neonsigngastly02.jpg" alt="Gastly Neon Sign -2"/><img src="neonsigngastly.jpg" alt="Gastly Neon Sign"/>
Gastly Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $198.00
Playboy Neon Sign - 1Playboy Neon Sign - 2
Playboy Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Snorlax Neon Wall Art - 1Snorlax Neon Wall Art - 2
Snorlax Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $273.00
Kirby Neon Sign - 1Kirby Neon Sign - 2
Kirby Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $198.00
Bulbasaur Neon Sign
Bulbasaur Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $312.00
<img src="neonsignfrog01.jpg" alt="Frog Neon Sign -1"/><img src="neonsignfrog02.jpg" alt="Frog Neon Sign -2"/>
Frog Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $140.00
Boo Neon Sign - 1Boo Neon Sign - 2
Boo Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $184.00
Tennis ball LED Neon Sign - GreenTennis ball LED Neon Sign - Ice Blue
Tennis ball LED Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $143.00
Baby Pig Neon Light Sign - 1Baby Pig Neon Light Sign - 2
Baby Pig Neon Light Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Penguin LED Neon Sign - 1Penguin LED Neon Sign - 2
Penguin LED Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $188.00