Children's LED Neon Lights & Aha Neon Signs for Baby's Room

Kids' Rooms Name Signs, Wall Art, Lamps & Nightlights.

Discover the newest trends in stylish kids' room accents, including vibrant LED lamps, personalized name plaques, neon wall art for older kids, and adorable light-up signs in a variety of colors and shapes. Choose from our selection of unique pieces or let your imagination run wild and create a one-of-a-kind sign featuring your child's name, a favorite song, a memorable quote, or even a beloved cartoon character.


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Snoopy Cute Anime Sign - 2Snoopy Cute Anime Sign - 3
Snoopy Cute Anime Sign Sale priceFrom $280.00
Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign - 2Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign - 1
Serotonin Molecule Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $196.00
<img src="Dolphin-Neon-Sign.jpg" alt="Dolphin Neon Sign Blue"/>
Dolphin Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $142.00
Bee Neon Light - 2Bee Neon Light - 1
Bee Neon Light Sale priceFrom $140.00
Upload business logo neon sign - 1Upload business logo neon sign
Upload your Logo or Image Sale priceFrom $360.00
Custom Name Neon Sign - 1Custom Name Neon Sign - 6
Custom Name Neon Sign Sale price$0.00
Weed Neon Sign - 2Weed Neon Sign - 3
Weed Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $130.00
Astronaut Neon Sign - 1Astronaut Neon Sign - 2
Astronaut Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $250.00
SpongeBob Neon Sign - 1SpongeBob Neon Sign - 2
SpongeBob Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $220.00
<img src="neonsigneagle01.jpg" alt="Eagle Neon Sign -1"/><img src="neonsigneagle02.jpg" alt="Eagle Neon Sign -2"/>
Eagle Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $145.00
Sunflower Neon Wall Art
Sunflower Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $200.00
Rose Neon Sign - 1Rose Neon Sign - 2
Rose Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $144.00
Baby Neon Bedroom Sign -  Ice BlueBaby Neon Bedroom Sign - Pink
Baby Neon Bedroom Sign Sale priceFrom $208.00
Planet Neon Sign
Planet Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $164.00
Zero Two Neon Cartoon Sign - Hot PinkZero Two Neon Cartoon Sign - Blue
Zero Two Neon Cartoon Sign Sale priceFrom $330.00
Lightning Bolt Neon Light - BlueLightning Bolt Neon Light - Pink
Lightning Bolt Neon Light Sale price$98.00
Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign - 1Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign - 2
Akatsuki Cloud Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $132.00
Mushroom Neon Sign
Mushroom Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $140.00
Pokeball Neon Sign
Pokeball Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $174.00
Turtle Neon Light Sign - Style 1Turtle Neon Light Sign - Style 2
Turtle Neon Light Sign Sale priceFrom $210.00
<img src="neonsignhummingbird.jpg" alt="Hummingbird LED Light Sign"/>
Hummingbird LED Light Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Angel Neon Wall Art
Angel Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $208.00
<img src="neonsignfish01.jpg" alt="Fish Neon Wall Art -1"/><img src="neonsignfish02.jpg" alt="Fish Neon Wall Art -2"/>
Fish Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $143.00
Carrot Neon Sign - 1Carrot Neon Sign - 2
Carrot Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $220.00
Killer Whale Neon Sign - 1Killer Whale Neon Sign - 2
Killer Whale Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $194.00
Squid Neon Sign - RedSquid Neon Sign - Blue
Squid Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $364.00
Bee Neon Wall Art - 1Bee Neon Wall Art - 2
Bee Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $156.00
Duck Neon Light
Duck Neon Light Sale priceFrom $148.00
Cinnamoroll Neon Light
Cinnamoroll Neon Light Sale priceFrom $248.00
Spiderman Neon Sign - 1Spiderman Neon Sign - 2
Spiderman Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $268.00
Kirby Neon Wall Art - 1Kirby Neon Wall Art - 2
Kirby Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $118.00
Umbreon Neon Sign
Umbreon Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $330.00
Playboy Neon Sign - 1Playboy Neon Sign - 2
Playboy Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Snorlax Neon Wall Art - 1Snorlax Neon Wall Art - 2
Snorlax Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $273.00
Kirby Neon Sign - 1Kirby Neon Sign - 2
Kirby Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $198.00
Bulbasaur Neon Sign
Bulbasaur Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $312.00
<img src="neonsignfrog01.jpg" alt="Frog Neon Sign -1"/><img src="neonsignfrog02.jpg" alt="Frog Neon Sign -2"/>
Frog Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $140.00
Boo Neon Sign - 1Boo Neon Sign - 2
Boo Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $184.00
Baby Pig Neon Light Sign - 1Baby Pig Neon Light Sign - 2
Baby Pig Neon Light Sign Sale priceFrom $190.00
Penguin LED Neon Sign - 1Penguin LED Neon Sign - 2
Penguin LED Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $188.00
Baby Shark Neon Wall Art - 1Baby Shark Neon Wall Art - 2
Baby Shark Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $174.00
Treble Clef Neon Sign - 1Treble Clef Neon Sign - 2
Treble Clef Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $130.00
Vinyl Neon Wall Art - Style 1Vinyl Neon Wall Art - Style 2
Vinyl Neon Wall Art Sale priceFrom $192.00
<img src="neonsignheadphone01.jpg" alt="Headphone Neon Sign -1"/><img src="neonsignheadphone02.jpg" alt="Headphone Neon Sign -2"/>
Headphone Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $108.00
Microphone Neon Sign - Gold YellowMicrophone Neon Sign - Red
Microphone Neon Sign Sale price$180.00
Pokemon Gengar Neon Sign - 1Pokemon Gengar Neon Sign - 2
Pokemon Gengar Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $274.00
Tape Recorder Neon Sign - 1Tape Recorder Neon Sign - 2
Tape Recorder Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $210.00
Shaka Neon Light - 1Shaka Neon Light - 2
Shaka Neon Light Sale priceFrom $150.00
Michigan Neon Sign - 1Michigan Neon Sign - 2
Michigan Neon Sign Sale priceFrom $204.00
Moon Wave Neon Light - 1Moon Wave Neon Light - 2
Moon Wave Neon Light Sale priceFrom $102.00

Using LED Light Signs

Aha Neon light signs plug directly into power sockets, so you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries. They don’t heat up or generate noise, making them ideal for nurseries and young children’s bedrooms. You might also want to get a remote control for your lights – this gives you more fun lighting modes, and you’ll be able to turn down the brightness at night time, turning your sign into a handy night light.

Girls, Boys & Gender Neutral Wall Decor

From kids' canvas art to wall decals, there are so many possibilities when decorating your little one's bedroom that it can easily feel like there isn’t enough space! While shopping for children’s room decor, you’ll want to choose wall art as unique as they are. From cute clouds and quirky lightning bolts to awesome animal-shaped lights for nature lovers, we can create beautiful light art based on anything they're into. Check out our room decor for nurseries, children's rooms, and teen bedrooms.

Kids Room Light Signs

Shop our gender-neutral, boys' and girls' room signs to brighten up their bedroom walls with a playful statement and add instant personality to the space. Welcome baby into the home with gorgeous nursery lights such as our popular “It’s a Girl/Boy” or gender-neutral “Oh Baby” signs. Encourage your little ones to reach for the stars with an inspirational phrase like “To The Moon” or “Dream Big”. For teenagers and children old enough to have their own bedrooms, mark their territory with a classic “No Boys/Girls Allowed” sign, or check out our other cheeky kids' room signs!

Children’s Name Signs

Children love to see their name, which is why our custom-made name lights are such a hit with kids! For a fun decorating activity, you could design a nursery name sign with your little one and help them pick their favorite color and font using our online neon sign generator. Light-up name signs look great above baby cribs and children’s beds, and they’re long-lasting – so your children will be able to use them from toddler to tween.